Venus Retrogade 2017

//Venus Retrogade 2017

Venus Retrogade 2017

On March 4th 2017 VENUS planet of LOVE goes retrograde at 13° Aries and ends on April 15 at 27° Pisces. We’ve been in the shadow period since January 30th 2017 at 26°54′ Pisces.(emotional-dreamy spiritual not practical)

Venus Retrograde is a six-week period of exciting Love and money opportunities, instant attraction and whirlwind romances are possible. Because the planet of love sex lust and things we feel good about doing you will see a lot of different things pop up in your life the secret here is to choose carefully because as is the case with all retrogrades things we LOVE from the past come back into our lives- this includes the people owed loved ex’s and situations around these love relationships are recreated. Decisions based on lust and immediate gratification will result in the less then desired affect once Venus turns direct. Some people find true love during the retrograde however the delay in expression can force them to walk away. The whole idea behind Venus Retrograde is the ability to give and receive love and how we personally deal with it in our lives. If your one of the people who was born with your natal Venus Retrograde then you understand the difficulty you experience in giving and receiving love and affection this jumps back to a past life issue that you’ve carried over into this one! Relationships do not come easily, all things Venus ruled become and issue as well like how you feel and take care of your personal looks and body health wise- basically self love-you just don’t care with Venus retrograde in your birth chart.The karmic goal of Venus retrograde in your natal chart is to perfect those areas of your love life which once let you down. As your relationship skills improve with continued experience, your karmic debt will clear and you start to enjoy a kinder stabler love life!!.

Another thing to consider is the sign in which Venus is retrograde in, that will tell you a lot about how this will expressed during the retrograde time frame.

Self love can start with beautifying your physical appearance. The use of fashion, make-up and beauty treatments which can greatly improve your self-love and therefore make you more lovable.(In Theory) However, when Venus is retrograde an excessive focus on these things can take over. During this tine frame NO-ONE should be doing Plastic Surgery- Hear me clearly it will not turn out the way you want it do if you do your surgery during the retrograde time frame. Disfigurement from cosmetic surgery. Many of my clients will argue this – I say wait until its completely clear and out of the shadow period. If your going to push the envelope tempt fate ignore the Astrology. Have the surgery closer to the ending shadow period time as Venus is gathering speed DO NOT do the surgery as Venus is going Retrograde.

Every 19 months for about 6 weeks Venus turns her wheel to a grinding halt and your love life enters a fated period.
Former friends or lovers reappear and you may start to relive past life experiences in order to figure out “karmic” issues. Venus also rules money, MONEY Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items.

Venus retrograde in transit is the time for reassessing your current situations and deciding what really makes you feel good in your life and relationships. Fated meetings are possible and some have actually come into contact with their soul mate. You can recognize this by the feelings of familiarity energetically. Do yourself a Favor and wait until Venus turns direct to make your move.

Keep yourself focused and keep this in mind! Rules for Venus retrograde are to not start a new relationship or to marry, and to not spend big money. AND do not have Cosmetic Surgery for any reason during this time.

One note of “SOULMATE” I know everyone is looking for one- The word SOULMATE comes from a perspective of past interaction with a soul whom you, you have more business to conduct – unfortunately people think its all roses and chocolate- NOT past experiences that require work to move forward and the only way t get a soul who is in a human body to do the work is to blind them with attraction! Keep that in mind.!
Celebrities with Venus Retrograde in their natal charts: Mariah Carey, Courtney Love
Charlize Theron, Jack Nicholson, Amy Winehouse,Jodie Foster, Mila Kunis, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert DeNiro, Kate Moss.

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