Scorpio Full Moon and Kundalini Awaking

//Scorpio Full Moon and Kundalini Awaking

Scorpio Full Moon and Kundalini Awaking

This weeks insight is all about the up- coming Full Scorpio Moon.

Those with a Scorpio in moon possess a multitude of powerful emotions makes them mysterious and attractive to others. With boundless energy, they are passionate people with bold goals in life. However, the inner turmoil of having so many strong emotions burning within can lead to mood swings. A hot, meditative bath is sometimes just the thing for scorpios to ease their dark energies. The crystal for you is Selenite as it radiates pure light and brings balance to your intensity.

Scorpio Traits include; transformation, loyalty and a desire to dispel taboos—often by indulging in those forbidden activities. Ther’re just never going to be too well behaved.

Because Scorpio rules the area of sex and the reproductive organs and concerns itself with emotions, those of us who fall under this sign often need support in our lower chakras.

Certain crystals to find balance both physically and emotionally. Traditionally, the two stones used by Scorpios are topaz and malachite. I have expanded the list to include other crystals and stones, as they pertain to the chakras.

The way I use crystals and stones is by adding them to my everyday life as much as possible and using them during healing rites such as Reiki, Meditation and Yoga.

In the every-day I carry crystals in my pocket as worry stones. Also, I wear them as needed or wanted in a ring, pendant or bracelet.

During meditation, I hold a stone, or if lying down, I place the stones in the area of the chakras I would like to balance, first drawing my attention to the stone I am working with. One can also surround themselves by a grid of stones when lying down for Yoga Nidra, at the crown, shoulders, hands and feet.

If using a grid, I recommend one stone at each point, such as all amethysts, or clear crystal points. It’s easier to tap into the energy of one stone than many at once when in deep relaxation.

When working at my computer, or if reading, I place a collection of crystals close by, and mentally check in with the crystals absorbing their energy and inspiration and run my hands across them as needed.

Here are some stones and crystals beneficial to Scorpio.  I find that intuition often leads us to the stone we need most.

Traditional Birthstones for Scorpio:

Topaz: Releasing resentments, forgiveness, soothing, motivating.

Malachite: Offers qualities of loyalty, fidelity and transformation.

Not all Scorpios resonate with these stones, depending on the influence of their North Node. Experiment with stones until you find the one that fits your soul. It’s not always necessary to follow traditional suggestions.

Stones for Balancing Chakras:

Earth chakra—grounding.

As Scorpios tend to be empaths, and are easy overwhelmed by people and situations, they can use black onyx, (centers, aligns with higher power), red jasper (grounding, adjusts negative situations) and smoky quartz (dissolves negative patterns in the aura) as healing and balancing stones.


Recently, a friend of mine arrived with a beautiful silver ring with a smoky quartz at the center. I was completely mesmerized by it, although I am not usually attracted to that stone. My friend, a fellow Scorpio, picked up on my fascination with it and gifted me the ring. It is now worn faithfully to any function where I stand a chance of feeling overwhelmed.

Pay attention to emotional and physical prompts from crystals and stones. When appropriate, I also leave crystals out on a full moon, to charge them. I have wee bits of tree roots that I have gathered and arrange them with the stones as a grounding influence.

Sacral chakra—sexuality, creativity.

My Sacral chakra is in constant need of balancing. Not surprisingly, healing stones for this chakra include;

Amber (wisdom, patience, stress relief, memory, depression), carnelian (clears etheric body, grounding, motivates, activates lower chakras), yellow tourmaline (balances male/female energy, protection, removes blockages) and yellow topaz (clarity, visionary, essential for healers).

When I bring new crystals home, I have a little ritual. First, I wash them in warm water to clear energy that has been picked up at the store. Next, I attune to them, often carrying them around for an hour or so, adjusting to the stone’s energy, and allowing for the stone to adjust to me.

Sometimes, if I feel prompted, I will set it in with my other crystals and stones as they are already infused with my energy.

It’s just a nice way to honor the crystal’s energy and make it feel welcome.

Solar plexus—emotions, personality, identity, ego.

The Solar Plexus is an important chakra for Scorpio to keep cleansed and balanced. Empathetic, emotional Scorpio slips into negative patterns when the Solar plexus is cluttered.

Use these stones to stay positive and revitalize. Citrine (energizes, balances yin-yang, aligns etheric body with physical), yellow jasper (exhaustion), aventurine (prevents energy leakage), rutilated quartz (re-energizes solar plexus—place directly on chakra during Yoga Nidra).

Because Scorpio is highly sensitive to energy, crystals and stones make for wonderful companions. They are a magical addition to the spiritual work Scorpios are known for. As intuitive as Scorpio is, crystals are more so, imparting insights to the mystic of the zodiac.

There is one more crystal that I have not spoken about, and that is clear quartz.

My personal favorite Scorpio type Crystal is Serpentine as its associated with the Kundalini energy and awakening.

 Kundalini energy moving up the spine from base to crown, and is associated with the idea of ‘enlightenment’.

It has been written about in literature for a long time. The process revolves around the concept that you have a kundalini serpent, that is said to reside at the base of your spine, trapped energy that keep the soul mid way between here and there a feeling of separateness-once the energy is opened the connection to all things is opened-the Soul can soar with n the context of the human experience.

The kundalini energy is associated with the Serpent that is said to dwell there at the base of the spine, wrapped three and a half times around the sacrum, until it is roused. It is opened to bring your power into existence.

When this serpent rises up and makes its way to the crown, you are said to be enlightened. Be aware that many people have health issues from the awakening of their kundalini, read up on all the symptoms so you don’t panic yourself.Although kundalini awakening may often happen spontaneously, it may take years of doing certain spiritual practices. Some of these are very special, in depth practices, and by using specific crystals at the same time it is possible to aid the process to awaken the kundalini serpent.  If you desire to use crystals to do this, one of the best stones to use is Serpentine Stone. Using these crystals as part of the process is very useful, as they are known to alleviate some of the possible discomfort that it is possible to feel.

Using Serpentine allows you to clear the chakras as the movement occurs. Kundalini awakening is related to ‘enlightenment’, and there are many books that cover this whole process in great detail. The energy of the process will cause the opening of the channel as it moves through it, and it is known to clear each chakra as it goes, until it reaches the pinnacle at the crown. The intensity of this experience often stimulates sexual feelings as it opens new areas to create ‘enlightenment’.This action may happen quite spontaneously in some people, but in most others it is the end result of particular processes.

If you want to combine crystals, with anything else that you may do as part of the process, using Serpentine and others stones for this purpose.Used as part of this activation, these crystals will help to alleviate part of the likely discomfort that is felt by many people who undergo this spiritual process. This is because the vibration of these stones will help you to clear the chakras as the process occurs.Larimar crystals,Moldavite, Shiva Ligam-(clear quarts crystals)are helpful stones if you have side effects related to this awakening, as their energy is calming and soothing

If it happens spontaneously then clearly this is the plan that your higher self and spirit has for you. Once you have awakened the kundalini serpent at the base of your spine, you may find that your life changes dramatically.

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